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Classic, simple, elegant!  

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Original handcrafted jewelry designed by

Tina St. John. Made from fine silver, sterling silver, gold-filled metals, copper and bronze.

We all have an artist inside, whether we paint, dance, play music, invent things, prepare fine meals, set a lovely table, decorate rooms, put together an outfit, or adorn and express ourselves with jewelry. read more

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I love the process of transforming metal clays into wearable nature jewelry, whimsical motifs, and purposeful art, which makes my work more meaningful, and, I hope, makes people better appreciate my designs.


Working primarily in Precious Fine Silver, Bronze, and Copper Metal Clays, I’m a self-taught, certified metal clay artist. I absolutely love the diversity and flexibility that metal clay offers. What interested me most when I first learned about metal clays was the idea of being able to manipulate the materials with my own hands. And the possibilities seem endless.


Fine Silver, Bronze, and Copper Metal Clays are comprised of powdered bits of metal suspended in a liquid binder, which is then fired in a kiln at various temperatures and with different timing. The results are solid metals.  


Much of my jewelry begins with a story. For example, my Geranium Leaf Metal Clay Earrings are a tribute to my mother who loved geraniums. She always grew them near our family home because they reminded her of Belgium, her homeland. I initially designed my Angel Wing Metal Clay Earrings for a friend who was facing personal challenges. She said they looked like Angel Wings, so Angel Wings they are. My jewelry is very much about the people around me, who inspire and support my craft, and about the natural wonders of the world in which we live.


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